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Natural Amethyst Decorative Lights Stones

Natural Amethyst Decorative Lights Stones

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Introducing Natural Amethyst Decorative Light Stones – the perfect accent to your home décor. Our carefully selected stones have been harvested directly from the amethyst mine, making each piece unique. These LED bulbs imbedded light stones will add a touch of mystical charm and sophistication to your living space. The stones will diffract the light, creating a pleasant and mysterious atmosphere.

Our stones come in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from 0.75-1.2 inches and weighing 8-12g. The color options include pink and purple – whichever strikes your fancy! Not only are our lights decorative, but they are also safe and allow for both children and pets to enjoy. The lights are powered by low voltage so they will never overheat, even with prolonged use. A customer-friendly, multi-function remote with a timing and flicker feature is also included. This will make it simpler for you to control the lights from a distance.

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