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Bamboo Sushi Serving Sets

Bamboo Sushi Serving Sets

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Engraved Bamboo Sushi Board with chopsticks These boards are made of three pieces that slot together. Great for homemade or take-out sushi & sashimi - the perfect gift for your sushi-loving friend or loved-one. S1 - Swirl Sushi Board - 6.25" x 11.5", includes 2 sets of bamboo chopsticks S2 - Diamond Sushi Board - 4.5" x 10", includes 1 set of bamboo chopsticks S3 - Arch Sushi Board - 4.5" x 10", includes 1 set of bamboo chopsticks All of our home accessories are made of individual pieces that slot together without the need for fasteners. Putting them together like a 3d puzzle is part of the fun. This also allows us to ship them flat-packed, and is great for storage. Our products are packaged in a gift box with instructions for care and assembly. We use eco-friendly FSC certified bamboo plywood with a natural linseed oil finish. Our cutting boards and sushi boards are finished with food-safe butcher block oil. Please keep in mind that bamboo is a natural product and there is a range of variation in the color and shading of each sheet. The actual color may be slightly lighter or darker than shown in the photographs. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production. We may have some items in stock. Please contact us with questions, or for an international or express shipping quote.

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